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VF1 Vacuum Filler for Perfume Bottles

Vacuum Filler for Perfume Bottles


  • Will fill any perfume bottle to a pre-set level.
  • Capacity and neck size of bottles are not important
  • Designed for glass or rigid plastic bottles
  • Easy level adjustment by means of an adjusting screw
  • Fast filling speed
  • Filling speed can be controlled
  • The bottle is filled up to the pre-set level, after which the excess perfume is drawn into the overflow bottle which can be emptied when it is full
  • All seals, rubbers and hoses are designed to be resistant to ethyl alcohol based perfumes.
  • The bulk perfume container can be at floor level
  • Comfortable working height
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Low air consumption. Only a small compressor is required
  • Weight 4.7 Kg
  • Height 370mm  Width 150mm Length 330mm


This filler is extremely easy to use and will fill different bottle sizes without adjusting anything!  

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