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HC1 Hand Held Crimping Tool

Product image of Hand Held Crimping Tool

The hand held bottle crimping tool boasts the following features:

  • A compact, hand-held design that is easy to use.
  • Will crimp pumps from 13mm to 20mm.     Supplied with 2 collet sizes
  • Execution of bottle crimping is fast and simple making the tool ideal for small-scale production or lab use.
  • A high-quality, multi-tooth crimp with a tight crimp seal every time, ensuring that crimps are long-lasting and reliable.
  • This crimping tool allows crimping with the perfume bottle pump actuator (push-button) in place, (for most common sizes) simplifying the crimping process since there is no need to remove and replace it.
  • A simple adjustment allowing the crimp to be used with multiple bottles and pump sizes.
  • Very strong body composed of anodized aluminium and electroplated steel parts, making it extremely corrosion and wear resistant
  • Top-quality internal wear parts that are hardened to give this crimping  tool a very long working life.
  • Dimensions: 190mm long, 40mm average diameter, 1.1kg weight.
  • This tool has helped many small perfume packing businesses to start manufacturing perfume without the expense of a large crimping machine. The crimped pumps produced by this tool are as good as those produced by a bigger machine.
  • If you are starting a new perfume packing business and want to reduce your start-up cost as much as possible, this is the tool for you!


This is the only hand held tool to have proper interchangeable multi-tooth collets, similar to those used on larger machines, yet is light and easy to use. Tools from other manufacturers are made to crimp one size only and rely on only four jaws or a small coil spring to do the crimping.

Product image of Hand Held Crimping Tool

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