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About Us

We are an engineering company specialising in the manufacture of fragrance bottle crimping machines.

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We have over 30 years experience in manufacturing perfume bottle crimping tools & machines.

In 2010 we started to export and the market has grown steadily. We have exported machines & tools to all parts of the world with well deserved positive feedback from our clients. We have many repeat customers – mostly due to upgrading to larger models or due to increased production capabilities. On the rare occasions when one of our clients has experienced a problem, we have been quick to respond with the remedy.

We are readily accessible to give advice, and we normally respond to queries within a few hours, subject to time-zone differences.

Because our market is a demanding one, we manufacture machines that are of unique design, to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Simple, robust construction.
  • Producing a consistent, high-quality crimp.
  • Machines are designed with operator comfort in mind, with light action, and easy use in order to minimize operator fatigue.
  • Extensive service-life, and so should last for many years.
  • Light weight lever action, creating less operator’s fatigue.
  • Machines strongly constructed yet light in weight allows for easy and low cost shipment.
  • Straightforward adjustments and instructions to suit non-technical operators.
  • High quality, high performance at an affordable price.

Our stock levels are such that most machines can be shipped (barring unforeseen circumstances) within 2 working days of payment.

If you need to order one of our crimping tools please e-mail us at

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